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YOGA Tips for Beginners

 Yoga TipsYOGA Tips for Beginners

Yoga is a mind and body practice using breathing techniques, exercise, and meditation. It has become a popular form of exercise based on physical poses to promote better mind and body control and to enhance well-being.


If you are a yoga beginner or thinking about trying to do yoga, then here are some helpful tips to get you started.


  • It is advisable not eat a heavy meal right before you do yoga. Trying to do yoga right after mealtime will hinder your practice. You may have a light snack an hour or two before class.


  • Wear comfortable clothes while going on a yoga session. Since Yoga involves a lot of bending and stretching in all directions, wearing fitted or sleeveless shirt may work best for you. Wear tops and bottoms that are comfortable and allow you to breathe and move freely, but aren’t too baggy as it may slide down every time you bend. Also, avoid wearing belts or excessive jewelry that may interfere with your movements.


  • Talk to your instructor if you have particular injuries or in any serious medical condition. Your instructor will assess which poses to avoid at certain times, and which will be beneficial for you.


  • Respect your body’s limitations. Do not push yourself if you feel something is not right, dangerous, or totally painful. Remember that this is a beneficial treatment for your body, not a punishment. You will eventually learn to determine the difference between something you think you can’t-do and something that is actually painful and possibly dangerous for you.


  • To get the most out of a yoga class, you should breathe into your whole body in the poses, and relax. This will help increase your concentration, and move more flawlessly from one pose to another as you inhale and exhale.


  • Feel free to talk to your instructor if something is not clear to you. Do not feel bad if your yoga instructor corrects your poses. However, do not hesitate to speak up if you feel that you are being pushed beyond your limit.


  • Don’t compare yourself with others. Appreciate your own subtle progress. You can usually see someone who’s more advanced and flexible than you, but it should not matter. If you can’t do what someone else is doing, simply make some adjustments on your poses so that it works for you. Most importantly, focus your attention on your own body and mind.


  • Try not to get frustrations to hold you back. It takes time when you start learning anything new. If you keep on going with regular practice, you will see great improvements over time.

Our professional instructor can help assess your level and is always able to help you by giving more yoga tips.