Relaxing Spa Day at 313 Training Studio


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Your mind is in crisis!

Working hard all day, we look much more like a robot… Sometimes we lost our identity. Find peace of mind in our spa treatment facilities and detached yourself from all those stressful and negative energies.


313 is a place where you can meet people, relax and enjoy together with your friends, colleagues, or customers. We provide more options for activities which you can do together. They are useful activities that worth both money and time. 313 Training Studio is the place where you can take care of your health and socialize at the same time.


Why is Muay Thai good for the mind?


The exhausting training sessions of Muay Thai instill physical and mental stamina in athletes, to mold a mind that is courageous, intelligent and disciplined…

Muay Thai needs a lot of focus. You need to concentrate on the movement of your partner or the enemy. What is funny is that you can plan and decide what you want to do, training your brain to think many steps forward. Your mind will go out of the frame, and this is what you want to do all the time – to be “yourself.”


What does massage do for the mind?


Stillness, quieting the mind, emotional release, it is all good for you!

When we have some deep stress in our body, whether from work or the stresses of everyday life, and the environment. After having a massage or a spa service, you will feel relaxed, and your mind will be able to focus better. Feeling calm, it becomes easy to concentrate, on the movements of your body.

Your muscles are doing exercise… Vibration will split the fat and improve metabolism. You will find yourself sleeping easier and deeper. Feeling fresh in the morning and ready for the new day.


How does the sauna benefit the mind?


The great advantage of saunas is that they are beneficial for everyone’s health and for just about anything that “ails” you. Researchers have found that most visits to doctor’s offices, over 75% in fact, are due to “stress-related” problems and can include backaches, chest pains, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and depression. A sauna benefits all of these problems.

Sauna and steam help to stimulate Metabolism in the body, excrete the waste out of the body, and relax muscles after a hard work out. You will feel relaxed and relieved which makes your mind become stable and calm. Your blood runs smoothly which helps you to think clearly and you can be more patient.

Have you lost your mind? This is not what you want to hear. We need to take care of our mind more than before. Not only the stress, pollution, and pressure that torture us, sometimes we may even lose our identity.

There is less green area in Pattaya than other parts of Thailand and when we look around we see cityscapes rather than landscapes. The brain is hardwired to see urban landscapes differently than country landscapes. 313 Training Studio is a new place where you can find your family or friends doing useful activities together to improve your thinking, feeling, and mind. Exit from the hustle and bustle of the city to the more relaxed area of east Pattaya where you will find the tranquil and exotic setting of 313 Training Studio

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