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sauna at 313 training studio

A Spa Day at 313 Training Studio Th

Willing or not, we are living with stress and pollution. The truth is shocking. No matter how hard you try to avoid, we must face pollutants every day. Daily stress is a big issue for health decline and you may look older than you feel. It distracts hormones and disturbs inside organs from working properly. However, even when we are living in the big city like in Pattaya, we have an option to clean the whole body completely just like new.


There is a spa service in East Pattaya that you can dip your mind into and be reborn…

Let us have a spa day at 313 Training Studio!


The Plunge Pools

Begin with the pool, a good method is to clean your body first. Dip yourself in the Mineral Foam Bath at 313 and it will refresh and adjust your body condition. Cool water is ideal for health.

Mineral Water is very nourishing for your skin. It tightens follicles and wakes your brain up. Fresh water improves your ability to think well, increase heartbeat as well as positive thinking. You are now ready for the massages and the next steps. Starting best moments at 313 Training Studio.


313 Thai Massage

Next is Thai massage, which is an ancient healing that combines acupressure and Indian Ayurvedic principles together. It mixes the yoga postures with different levels of hands and fingers pressing through your body. Traditional Thai folk wisdom that adapt traditional medicine knowledge to release muscle pain after work or training. Thai style massage can improve blood circulation and relieve muscle pain. The massage also helps you to relax or temporarily boost your mood.

Our professionals at 313 Training Studio are well trained and certified to ensure that you will be safe and correctly treated. Resting moment for your body and mind at 313 Thai massage.


Aroma Therapy Massage

One great choice for the ultimate in relaxation techniques is to have an Aroma Therapy Massage with various kinds of herbs.

Natural therapy that uses concentrated oil, called essential oils, adding to the massage oil or lotion. Essential oil is good for the limbic system, which is part of the brain that controls your emotions and influences the nerve system and hormones. When you inhale this oil, it will affect your heart rate, helping to relieve stress, blood pressure, breathing, memory, digestion, and immune system. Aroma Therapy Massage is very suitable when you have stress or stress-related conditions such as insomnia and frequent infections.

313 Training Studio uses only high quality aromas from natural ingredients. You will look brighter and healthier from this method of massage from inside through outside skin. By massaging, it will help your skin to absorb pure oil that are rich in vitamins and medical advantage. You will feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated.


Hot Herbal Compress

Hot Herbal Compress is actually a method of treatment in traditional Thai medicine. The practice of herbal compress therapy started around 5,000 years ago. Knowledge passed from generation to generation to become one of the most popular traditional Thai techniques to heal people to relieve pain and inflammation by using different kinds of plants for the therapy.

Hot herbal compress contains various Thai herbs including Zedoary, Plai, Turmeric, Ginger, Kaffir lime, Camphor tree, Tamarind, and Lemongrass with some Camphor (up to the recipe), wrapped in a muslin compress. Steamed until ready, then we use the herb to press gently on the body in particular muscle points that links with nerves and blood vessels.

Traditional hot herbal compress reduces muscular aches and swelling. Thai people normally use herbal compress after Thai massage to reduce muscle stress and improve skin condition. After full body Thai massage at 313 Training Studio, hot herbal compress will be gently applied all over your body to soothe muscles. Exclusive healing from ancient ways that always give with best result.


hot herbal compress at 313


Finnish Style Sauna

After all that, now it is time to relax deep in your soul at Finnish Sauna…

The word “sauna” is originally from an ancient Finnish word, referring to traditional Finnish bath and the bathhouse itself. The world’s oldest saunas were the pits dug in the ground for living in winter. Saunas keep people warm since it acts like a fireplace to heat everyone in there. Sometimes they put the water on the hot stones to create steam that will give you another mild and gentle touch through the skin.

Sauna nowadays is used for relaxation and sweating. It really helps to stimulate the pores and cells. As the Finns, do, we use the sauna to clean the mind, rejuvenate and refresh the spirit. You will stay with yourself to calm down and focus.


Full Spa Day at 313 Training Studio

In Pattaya, you will rarely find a place that you can have all these activities in one place. Starting with a cleansing plunge and adjusting the body condition in the mineral water pool. Stimulate your body from head to toe at Thai Massage and inhale treatment from Aroma Therapy Massage. Hot Herbal Compress will help to relax muscles to avoid pain and bruises. Lastly, you will enjoy a relaxing moment in this Sauna and will keep coming back to the place as I do. See you again next time at 313!