Muay Boran

About Muay Boran

Muay Boran or Mauy Kaacheurk is an old-style boxing or fighting with rope bound fists. This was the original form of Muay Thai which includes locks and throws and many techniques which are considered too dangerous for the modern sports of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing).

Muay Boran boxers will have the ropes bound together with some amulets and charms as per each person’s beliefs and depend on their agreements. Before the match, both fighters will first come to practice together. If they are in the same level or agree to fight together, the real match will be arranged.

Battle of prestige begins until one of the fighter surrenders or cannot stand up anymore. Otherwise this will be considered to be even. The match can be continued next time if they would like to know who will win. This kind of “Chok” or fighting will focus on artifice more than power.

The matches originally took place in outdoor fields or in the temple areas. One line of rope was used to separate the fighting area from the audience. The judge would take one who is falling down to fight again. One important rule is not allowing to hit the one who falls down (need to wait until he gets up first). Typically, there will be Muay Boran at the funerals around 7-8 matches.

Muay Boran classes at 313 Training Studio are completely structured towards the self-defense aspect of the traditional art of Thailand. Not only that, you will get basic and advanced fighting skills from this class, but we create an atmosphere of Thai culture and the power of the Thai history moments that will empower you to fight with strength. Contact us here to see our timetable and know more about Muay Boran.