Krabi Krabong

The art of krabi krabong

Thai weapons system. Not just the study of Thai weapons but the Way of the Warrior, an understanding of the art of combat, tactics and technique.

Krabi Krabong was developed for fighting in the war or battlefield of the ancient Siamese warriors. Normally it can be adapted to use together with Muay Boran, another art of Thai fighting without a weapon.

Imagine if you will the ancient Thai (Siamese) people fighting with these weapons on the backs of great elephants (for higher-ranking warriors like generals or royalty) or another kind of large animal like buffalo in the past. The great and memorable history that has kept Siam an independent country like today.

Krabi Krabong teaches the student how each weapon is effective and how this can be extended to their bodys natural weapons using the same principles.

The style of fighting has some relation with another Southeast Asian fighting such as Malay silat, Cambodian kbach kun boran and Burmese banshay.

The systems main weapons – as from its name – are the curved sword (krabi), which normally are wielded as a pair, and staff (krabong).

Krabi krabong weapons includes:

  • Krabi: single-edge sword
  • Krabong: staff/pole
  • Daab song mue: double swords for each hand
  • Lo: shield/buckler made from wood or buffalo hide
  • Phlong: stick/cudgel
  • Ngaw or Ngau: bladed staff
  • Mai sok san: a pair of clubs worn on the forearms

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