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Muay Thai Vs TRX Exercises

Muay Thai has been developed from time to time from traditional real fighting in the past, now it is safer and acceptable as an international sport. TRX is a new invention that became very popular in many countries. It is another choice for people who like to have fun, doing exercise with new friends after work or on free time. Both are completely different styles of training but have outstanding features for burning calories. Let us compare Muay Thai and TRX Exercises to see how they benefit and improve our bodies.


What are Muay Thai and TRX Exercises?

Long history back to the period of ancient wars, Thai boxing is the science of eight attacks: 2 hands, 2 feet, 2 elbows, and 2 knees. You can use parts of your body as powerful weapons, multiple with the great soul that empower you to fight with no fear. Muay Thai has become a world famous martial art and has been admitted to the international sporting arena, using boxing gloves to reduce injury. Muay Thai does have a well-deserved reputation for being the deadliest martial art in the world.


TRX Exercises stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. It was born in the Navy Seals to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. TRX leverages gravity and your body weight to perform hundreds of exercises. Simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance.


Muay Thai vs TRX Exercises – What are their Best Features?

Not like what many people think of Muay Thai, this combat focuses more on skills and tactics than furious power. Muay Thai is real fighting that uses each person’s intelligence and concentration, which depends on special talents to be able to adapt each action to situations.


TRX Exercises is the bodyweight exercise that needs a TRX Suspension Trainer which is a highly portable training tool. It does not need a lot of space or equipment. It is very suitable for people who considers normal exercise boring or have less time each day to workout. Elegant movements will make you proud just like being on stage.


Muay Thai vs TRX Exercises


Are Muay Thai and TRX Exercises Good for Energy Burning?

Muay Thai burns around 690 calories in a one hour training session, but normally you will need to warm up first by jogging in the park or on the treadmill. However, the best part is to improve health condition, especially from breathing techniques, and advanced training for self-defense.


TRX Exercises increase fat burning and improve immune system. It burns a little bit lesser than Muay Thai which is around 500 calories for one course (normally 40-60 minutes). Metabolism can continue for many hours afterwards. It best increases your heart rate and stimulates blood vessels. It will stretch out and relax muscles and all nerves after training.


Muay Thai and TRX Exercises at 313

Muay Thai and TRX Exercises at 313 Training Studio is real fun and well organized. Experienced trainers adjust TRX courses based on each body condition with high concern for safety first. Your workout time is flexible, and we choose only high quality training equipment. The White Lotus teaches Muay Thai as the art of fighting and also supports everyone in regular competitions in Thailand and abroad. See you guys in our next schedule at 313 Training Studio.


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