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Show your identity
Your mind is in crisis! Working hard all day, we look much more like a robot… Sometimes we lost our identity. Find peace of mind in our spa treatment facilities and detached yourself from all those stressful and negative energies. 313 is a place where you can meet people, relax and enjoy together with your friends, colleagues, or customers. We provide

muay thai in pattaya
Feel the strength and relax your body
Sitting all day in front of a computer, your muscles are tight and you may look older than you should. Your body becomes sedentary and your organs stop working at optimum levels, you may start to get sick more often and even feel weak, including a backache and sore neck. “Please take care of me,” your body begs. At 313 Training Studio, we provide 3 steps to take care of your body. Choosing to exercise in the Fitness or to attend Muay Thai

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The desire to do what you like
Spending 8 hours a day to work and another 8 hours to sleep. For the other 8 hours, we may choose to lie in bed or going out to do something interesting. So many these days are plugged into some kind of smart device. The basic loop would be shopping, watching a movie, and then eating out somewhere to release your stress. Jogging or playing sports with your friends would be great ideas; however, …What about your soul?

313 Training Studio: Urban Healthy Ltd.

Are you looking for a massage or a good spa in or around Pattaya? How about a Muay Thai Training Facility? Or perhaps all three? 

A new Health Center where they take care of your Body-Mind-and Soul?
313 Training Studio has three distinct ways to take care of your mind, body and soul, traditional Thai massage, the traditional art of Muay Thai, and full spa services such as facials and body scrubs using ancient ingredients and new techniques for the best of the old world and the new. 313 Training Studio is now open in East Pattaya.

313 Training Studio is a Health Complex that answers your questions:

What is good for the body?

Muay Thai will train your body to give more strength and confidence. Thai traditional art of self-defense that will help you keep focus and plan better.

Another choice to relax?

Massage at the Spa is the best choice to relax. Not like just resting in your bed. When you lie down and feel at ease, our specialists start to stimulate muscles and ligaments to adjust the body’s condition and make the system run smoothly. Also commonly used by therapists at the 313 spas are Hot Compresses with aromatherapy for full body and mind relaxation.

Where can we meet?

Sauna is a place to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. Since the meeting room is so boring, and talking during dinner is sometimes tedious, having a good time with your friends or customers in the sauna sounds so inviting.

When making important decisions it is important to relax the mind and body in a soothing atmosphere. The sauna provides just such an atmosphere for discussing those issues that may be weighing on your personal life or important business decisions. This is a common practice in both Eastern and European cultures.

Why choose 313 Training Studio?

We have everything all under one roof. Saves having to travel to different locations.

- Facilities include Massage, Spa, Steam, Sauna, Fitness and Muay Thai offered.

- There are various kinds of food and healthy drinks such as fresh juices, herbal drinks, including Mocktail, Cocktail and freshly brewed beverages. Something for everyone.

- Private section only for women and the other section for men & women.

The atmosphere is outstanding and not the same as anywhere else Thailand.

- By day, the place looks very impeccably clean and relaxing. Light fragrances of herbal aromas and classical music can be heard playing in the background, plus refreshing cool air which is very good for the respiratory system. Assistance by our team who will promptly provide what you requested.

- At night is completely different. Colorful lights in the area will make you feel lively and joyful. An ideal place to chill out with your friends or sweetheart. Private Parties may also be organized with food and drinks around the pool.