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Comparison of Muay Thai and Other Cardio Workouts

The trend to live a Healthy Life is very hot recently. We try to improve our shape and wellbeing by choosing clean food and performing regular exercise.

Muay Thai is well known and is now becoming more popular since the results we desire are the valued skills for self-defense and at the same time beautiful figure and better health.

It has been believed that Cardio workouts are one of the best exercise types. Today we will compare this kind of training with Muay Thai in each aspect.


Are these true?


Body Building: Core Muscle Strength

When we are training Muay Thai, we basically use all the body, mainly the core muscles (abdominal muscles), back, arm, shoulder, chest, leg, , and the whole body through the kicks, footwork drills, punches, strikes, clinches and defenses.

For Swimming: you will work muscles mainly in the upper body. We can build great muscle endurance and work capacity of the traps, shoulders, back, abs, lats, legs, and triceps. Not surprise that the swimmers have broad shoulders.

Jogging and Biking use more of the lower body. The hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors, glutes, and calf muscles of your legs and the core area (mid section) work hard together. Jogging uses arms and upper body a little bit more than biking which is for toning muscles, not really related to muscle mass building.


Calorie Burning After All

Calorie Usage per Hour

Muay Thai: 1200 – 1300

Swimming: 600 – 950

Jogging: 500 – 1500

Biking: 250 – 1100


We are using energy every day. How much energy depends on weight, age and metabolism to be able to burn less or more calories. It will be very effective to lose weight when you do this together with a healthy nutritious diet. When the amount of calories you intake is less than the calories you burn; the result is quick weight loss.

As we can see, Jogging normally spends the most calories when compared to many others, however, the range is wide since we cannot spend 1500 calorie all the time. You may encounter heart attrack by doing that for hours. Even in the marathon, we reduce the speed and then increase to run fast and slow during the race.

Muay Thai spends less calorie than running; however, it is more stable and we can take a breath easier. Every muscle has to work together during the movements, defenses and attacks, so the energy is fed and burned throughout your body at the same time.

Swimming uses less energy but it is safer from injury. Even when you have restricted health condition or pregnant, you can also swim.


Improve Flexibility and Body Balance

What is good about Muay Thai is that it is not only good for strength training; Muay Thai also helps to improve flexibility and body balance. This kind of training helps to improve physical image and personality. It enhances work ability in any activity, and increase agility. Muay Thai boosts up your skills and ability to control the body much better than any other kind of cardio workout.


How Will You Feel After Training?

Not only physical benefits, Muay Thai also gives great results for mental conditioning such as happiness and positive feelings from Endorphins being released, which can reduce pain and produce a sense of wellbeing.

You will feel fitter and discover yourself looking better (from thinking positive and yes, you really look better!). You will not feel bored of doing the same thing repeatedly like cardio workouts.

Muay Thai improves your confidence and self-esteem. The spirit of being a brave fighter from the science of ancient combat that has long history will give you powerful feeling.


All Ages and Genders are Suitable for Muay Thai at 313

Since this is a kind of self-defense, Muay Thai has more value for feeling than plain cardio exercise. You will be proud of yourself from each step of improvement, and it is great for bodybuilding. You can use all of your muscles, same as swimming, from each movement, attack, and defense. You can burn up to 1300 calories per hour: less than jogging, but more than biking. Therefore, this is a good choice for fast weight losing.

Muay Thai is complex but not too difficult to learn. You will have fun with our trainers that will guild you to adapt this ancient knowledge and tactics with your own talents. Choose a fun training course now from 313 Training Studio.