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Calisthenics at 313 Training Studio

Calisthenics Vs Kettlebell

Do you feel bored with the same old exercise routine? Is there anything new, and interesting to train the body? Start to warm up on treadmills, weight training or attend exercise classes. It sounds fun in the beginning, but then not a good idea to do the same every day. It is time to try something different. Exercise in Pattaya using new techniques, new equipment to inspire you to work out more. 313 Training Studio are offering new trends of exercise with specialist for to keep your exercise routine exiting. Do you want to try Calisthenics or Kettlebell exercises?


What are Calisthenics and Kettlebell Workouts?

Calisthenics or “street workout” are exercises that originated from a combination of beautiful (Greek: kallos) manner and power of strength (Greek: sthenos). Calisthenics are body – weight training, using your own weight to exercise by jumping, swinging, pulling or pushing up, and bending. You do not need any equipment to work with Calisthenics, and you can do it anywhere. That is why Calisthenics is so popular as a component of physical education in primary and secondary school and is used as baseline physical evaluation for militaries across the globe.

Kettlebell or Girya in Russian is the equipment made from cast iron, or steel weights. While there are various sizes of Kettlebells just like dumbbells, Kettlebell are much easier to lift up since there is a handle. To work with Kettlebells, we do not need to pause one step like dumbbells. We can try to swing, snatch, clean and jerk or even adapt with other kinds of workout like Body Blast.


Calisthenics vs Kettlebell – What are their Best Features?

Calisthenics are rhythmic exercises that don’t typically require any equipment. However, music and group workouts can increase endurance and inspire you to push your work out harder. Choosing a suitable place to train your body like at 313 Training Studio and adapting Calisthenics with gym equipment, will improve your abilities and make you never feel bored to exercise.

Kettlebells are ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. It is very good for your lower back, legs, shoulders, and increasing your grip strength. You can reap the full benefits all at one time. This is very good that you do not have to exercise separately. Working people like us can spend our limited time to have fit and firm body, and it is also good for overall health condition.


Are Calisthenics and Kettlebells Good for Energy Burning?

Calisthenics is suitable for losing weight. It can burn energy around 10 calories per minutes, however it is also good at increasing strength, flexibility, and aerobic conditioning as well as improving balance, agility and coordination skills. You can adapt Calisthenics for a HITT Workout that will help you to continue burning calories long after training is over.

Kettlebells may surprise you because it can burn the most energy in a short time. You can increase your metabolism rate burning up to around 13.6 – 20.2 calories per minute. With the HIIT Workout, your body will continue to burn energy for many hours afterwards.


Kettlebell and other equipments


Calisthenics and Kettlebell at 313

At 313 Training Studio, we provide a very good atmosphere that will help you to train your body to the optimum perofrmance. We have all sizes of high quality Kettlebells and useful equipment that you can apply for Calisthenics training. We adjust proper temperature for body training in the clean and well-organized rooms with energetic music playing in the background. Our staff members and trainers at 313 are welcoming and willing to assist you upon request. CONTACT US HERE for more info about Calisthenics and Kettle bell and other training classes.