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Body Blast Vs Krabi Krabong

Body Blast vs Krabi Krabong

Two completely different ways to train your body. One is extremely energizing and super active with quick actions. The other is rhythmic yet focuses on sharp movements. The weapon that is no longer a weapon. It becomes an extension of your own body, you become one with the weapon…

Krabi Krabong has a long history before the Rattanakosin period (1782 – present) while Body Blast is a very new trend. Which one would you prefer? The answer is that you do not need to choose. Both Body Blast and Krabi Krabong are now available at 313 Training Studio in East Pattaya, and each has different benefits in the type of workout they offer.


What are Body Blast and Krabi Krabong ?

Body Blast is a group workout class that combines cardio and strength training to increase the metabolism rate. It uses body weight, hand weights, balance, athletic and plyometric training exercises. Normally it takes less than an hour. Dumbbells or kettlebells are needed. The target for Krabi Krabong is the entire body, and it will help with strength, flexibility, and overall health and wellness.

Krabi is the curved sword, and Krabong is the staff or pole. Krabi krabong was the study for real soldiers in Thai history. Originally Krabi Krabong was the name for the Thai weapon system that the ancient military of the Kingdom of Siam used in or on the battlefield. All weapons are include Lo, Daab song mue, Phlong, Ngaw and Mai sok san. Thai great fighters use these weapons on elephants or even buffalos.


What are the Best Features?

Body Blast is suitable for people who have less time to exercise, and would like to see some change in a relatively short period. You will feel fit and firm with a lot more confidence. Body Blast focuses on shoulders, back, chest, arms, hips and glutes. Workout time starts from a few minutes up to an hour+. Body Blast will improve your core strength, giving you a good all over body workout.

Krabi Krabong focuses more on flexibility and balance. You will have great feeling of being connected to the way of the Thai Warrior. Our trainers at 313 will tell you learn the history behind each weapon and how great were used in the art of war. You will enjoy learning, while developing your self-defense skills, real combat skills, personal tactics and techniques as well as the ability to concentrate and think more clearly.


Are Body Blast and Krabi Krabong Good for Energy Burning?

Body Blast is one of the best ways to burn fat. You will exercise muscles rapidly, steadily increasing the speed nonstop, and then cool it down by slowing down to decrease heart rate to normal. The exercise increases your metabolism rate by helping you to burn energy very quickly. Your body will continue to burn fat for many hours’ afterword. This is very good way to lose weight and to get in better shape quickly with a more sculpted body.

Krabi Krabong is not designed for burning calories but it does provide some advantage with this. The ongoing movements both slow and fast will help all your body to stretch out. You can will break a sweat from and raise your metabolism rate, similar to other cardio workouts, while learning a new skill that will promote hand eye coordination, balance, and flexibility. Plus learning the art of ancient warriors is super cool.


Body Blast and Krabi Krabong at 313

Body Blast and Krabi Krabong at 313 is well prepared and organized by specialists. We have a large room with air conditioning and music to help you enjoy the training. The class is standard size so that we take care of everybody. Krabi Krabong has an authentic “Ajarn” to train you and show you about the background and history of the weapons. No need to choose which one, when you can try both at 313 Training Studio: CONTACT US NOW for more info.