TRX Exercises

TRX or ‘Total body Resistance exercise’ was born in the Navy Seals. Suspension training bodyweight exercise that develops strength, balance, flexibility, stability, and core stability all simultaneously.

TRX requires the use of a TRX Suspension Trainer, a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to complete hundreds of exercises.

TRX doesn’t need a lot of space or equipment. It consists of Carabiner, Intermediate Anchor loop, Adjustment Tabs, Cam Buckles, Handles, and Foot Cradles.

If you are bored of your normal exercise routine, or you have less time to train your body, TRX is the right choice for you.

One thing that makes TRX outstanding compared to the others is that the practice can increase your heart rate and stimulate blood vessels.

TRX can increase fat burning and improve the immune system. One course can burn at least 500 calories and the metabolism will continue for many hours afterwards.

You can train all your body – muscles and all nerve vessels will be stretched out.

You will move with elegance and feel awesome just like stage performance to show your body off while hanging from the rope with a trainer taking care of you closely. The mixture of art and exercise that goes well together.

Many people are impressed and satisfied with TRX Exercises at 313 Training Studio. Our trainers have adapted this body training to fit well with each person’s body and health condition. Call us now and let us help you choose the right TRX course for you.