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Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

The most famous and most popular of martial arts in Thailand. Muay Thai is outstanding for the technique of “holding the neck to fight,” using both your body and soul. This kind of fighting uses parts of your body as weapons such as the fist, elbow, knee, and foot.

The long history of Muay Thai had begun in the past during Thai wars – which is different than new style of Muay Thai which is used for sports. Now we use boxing gloves to reduce injury and focus more on skills and tactics than the furious power.

Muay Thai is science of 8 attracts: 2 hands, 2 feet, 2 elbows, and 2 knees. Some theory calls “Nawa Arwut’’ which means 90 weapons that includes head and all muscles, or “Tossa Arwut” or 10 weapons that also refers to your butt to hit and attack. Together with intelligence and concentration, Muay Thai can be one of the most powerful fighting styles that uses parts of your body as powerful weapons.

At The White Lotus we don’t teach just for competition, we teach the ART of Thai Boxing with correct movement and footwork – the Yang Sarm Khum, and breathing techniques which are an essential aspects of maximizing the technique’s’ effectiveness.

Most students train in Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) to improve their fitness or for self-defense but for those who wish to test their skills in the ring, The White Lotus takes part and organises regular competitions both in Thailand and abroad.